BeeLingual KIDS Polish School

Meeting Timetable & Terms

The school is based on a social school model, therefore the involvement of parents is crucial. Teachers work on a voluntary basis.

The school also organizes integration trips on Saturdays and Sundays.



In 2018, there is also the possibility of participating in additional Polish lessons conducted by independent teachers for children who will participate in dance classes with the intention of performing at the PolART festival in Australia at the turn of 2018/2019.


The school's far-reaching plans assume cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and with other school centres in New Zealand and Australia, as well as with centres supporting the Polish diaspora in Poland (ORPEG).

If there are people interested in creating a support group for parents and children who are implementing the Libertus school program, including active involvement in organizing examinations in NZ we will be happy to meet with them.


BeeLingual KIDS Polish School WEST


The West Group - the program is focused on the basics of the Polish language learning program developed for Polish-American children by Pawluskiewicz. In 2018 the group continues the program's implementation of concepts learnt in Class 1 - elements of nature and history at the level 4/5 basic level. Classes are intended for children who have the basics of Polish. English-speaking children can also participate in the classes as the program is individually adapted to their level in cooperation with parents.

Age 5-12, preferred age 7 - 10 years.


Classes in the first and second semesters will take place on the

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, 9:30 - 10:45

 after   lessons, we offer additional music classes TIKIERA dance group 

10:45- 12:00 


The "Central" Group - focuses more on the general development of interest in things Polish through common play and getting to know the language through Polish legends. The classes use modern teaching methods that aim to awaken interest in Polish culture in children. As additional activities dance classes are proposed with the "Tikera" group.


Classes are offered for younger children aged 5-7 and English-speaking children.


Language teaching uses elements of the IRDPX method of Jim Maden, The Factor X - Jeanne Gilbert (Input Recognition Discrimination Production Extension). Children who speak Polish well can also take part in classes. The program is tailored to the individual needs and interests of the child.



 In 2018 classes will begin in the second semester, they will take place on Sundays  from 13:30 to 15:00


Place: Dom Polski, 1 McDonald Street, Sandringham



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