TIKIERA dance group

Meeting Timetable & Terms
Bring out the dancer in your little one with the TIKIERA dance classes!

TIKIERA dance group provides therapeutic programmes which combine creative expression (dance/movement, music, play and body awareness activities) with skill development (communication, self-regulation, motor planning and social interaction). 


The group activities support peer social relationships as the children learn about each other by sharing through creative self-expression. These groups help children develop understanding and empathy for others through following and responding to the actions, dance moves and musical dialogues of their peers.



Our programme is designed to develop coordination, musicality and movement. This programme is a great first introduction to dance! It embraces all styles of dance including ballet, jazz , polish folk and hip hop, but mainly focuses on dance as a fun, energetic way of moving and dance. This class provides a way for children to express themselves in a creative and imaginative environment.

TIKIERA  dance lessons cater to all abilities, and we strive to encourage the love of dance in everyone.

For lots of fun, and a chance to put on those dancing shoes, even if it is for the very first time, bring your little performers along to our classes.