The school has been operating for two years. The first classes began in 2015 in an informal playgroup "Polish for Everyone", which was created from the initiative of Agnieszka Dawidowska at North Shore Auckland. In September 2016, a school was established formally and was registered with the Centre for the Development of Polish Education Abroad as "Nasza Szkoła" in May 2017.

1+ Year  TAMARIKI family playgroup

Tamariki family playgroup was started in 2017 by parents associated with The BeeLingual KIDS Polish school. Tamariki in the Maori language means simply KIDS. Our goal at Tamariki is to empower you, as parents and caregivers, to raise happy, healthy and confident children for a peaceful and sustainable future.  Tamariki playgroup is one hour of the fun session that encourages pre-schoolers aged 12 months to 5 years to sing, speak and play in polish language.Come along and take part in our monthly meetings. 


Beginner KIDS


Our Polish language school for children whose parents want their children to become interested in the Polish language and tradition. We teach the basics of the Polish language, customs, and traditions.

This group is for kids who understand polish but prefer to speak in English ( or using only a few words in polish).   The class's program is based on "learning thru play". There is a lot of art and craft and science. We are using Montessori Waldorf elements.   Our mission is to make the polish language more familiar to kids and build relations between our students- to support parents with teaching polish at home. 



0-5-Year Polish Mum's Coffee Group

Come along and share in the fun at our well equipped and friendly playgroup - great toys, activities and company.

Friendly Playgroup for polish parents and children to come and play, chat and meet other parents.

Ther is craft and a fun and inviting environment, secure play area and plenty of toys and resources. 

We offer coffee/tea and cake or cookies for parents. ​

Private lessons for 





More info coming soon. 



This course introduces children upwards age 3 to the Polish language and provides a great basis for further study.​

Small groups or individual classes provide a great and rewarding learning environment for your child.​

Activities such as rhythm and rhymes, games and everyday events will turn learning Polish into a positive and playful experience that stimulates the cognitive abilities of your child.